Thursday, December 22, 2005


I just heard them say that Tony Dungy's son died on ESPN radio. They said, "Tony Dungy's son has died so we're not concerned with sports". It was sort of an odd comment. I'm guessing that someone in sports has a close relative die every day...and yet ESPN is concerned with sports. I'm guessing that someone in sports has someone close to them fighting a war...and yet ESPN is concerned with sports. Tony Dungy is a big deal...he coaches the second best team in football (behind the Steelers of Pittsburgh) and is more visible than many in sports right ESPN radio has a somber tone today. I wonder how they react to the backup center on Oklahoma's foot all team having a mom who just found out she had cancer?
He's not a very key player on the team...he's a backup...not a big deal.
Well then, what about the starting center?
He doesn't score touchdowns or make tackles...not a big deal.
What about the quarterback?
Maybe you've got something there...but Oklahoma's pretty bad this's gonna have to be a scandal or a death.
I guess it's all about who's hot and who's not...
meanwhile, my jaw hurts like crap today...and nothing from ESPN.

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  1. Good post, but the Steelers suck.