Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Relay for life...

I'm a big starter. I get an idea...I get excited...I start telling people around me about the idea like I'm on an informercial...and then I get started. That's when it's not as exciting. It keeps me engaged as long as I can keep teaching people about the value of my idea and practical ways that it can be implemented. Then I get bored. At some point there just aren't any more people that I can find to tell about this great idea. So I go on to the next idea. I usually have reasons for this sudden apathy...but it's a pattern in my life.
Look at this blog. I started it as kind of a lark (yeah, I said lark) started getting a bunch of "hits" and comments either in person, e-mails or on the actual blog...and kept cranking. But then I moved to Cincinnati...didn't have a computer for 7 weeks (still don't have one all the way up and working) and felt guilty using the office computer to spend 3 minutes writing on this.
So I've gone from every day, to a couple each week...and today I noticed my last entry was a week ago. It's part of the pattern. I still have the no computer excuse...but clearly if I was as excited as I originally was - I would have found a way.
Oh well.
Maybe I need to be a full time "Idea" guy. Do a little problem solving....but mostly I need a staff of doers at my beck and call (not really sure if that's a real expression...but it sounds kindda right) to do stuff. I get an idea and call my graphics guy to make it look nice...and then my worker folks to get it going...and my teacher folks to share the vision. I'm like the guy who starts the race on a relay team. I get us going...and then hand off the baton to someone who's good at running the second leg of the race. Then the third guy keeps us going and hands it off to our anchor who closes strong.
Maybe we all want to be idea guys. (except you know who you are)
Maybe the world needs more of those worker people types???
oh well, back to work...

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