Tuesday, November 01, 2005


"nobody drifts into Godliness"
I've heard that said, and repeated it now for years. It kind of goes back to the question, do you believe that we all are flawed deep down...or are basically good? No matter how bad we get, we tend to think of ourselves as basically good as long as we're seemingly doing better than those around us. Even when we're not doing better....we know our motives...and they're good...or at least we thought about doing the right thing...so we're not that bad.
So I agree with the second law of thermodynamics...entropy...things tend to get weaker, watered down...or if left unguarded, worse. If I just sort of drift....or just sort of hope that I'll grow in a certain area...it doesn't happen. In fact, I usually drift away from good things. I gravitate toward what is easiest...or what serves me and my needs.
Nobody drifts into Godliness. We don't just wake up one day deeper, more in tune with God, better at loving people, nicer, kinder....we just don't. We drift away from Godliness.
We're not that great.
God's great.
We're kind of messed up.
Luckily, He allows us to be transformed. If we place ourselves in His path, and actively seek Him.
It's just pretty darn hard when you've spent your whole life seeking your own face...and your own needs. That whole, "not my will, but yours" thing we pray. It's pretty tough.

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