Monday, November 21, 2005

you can't go back

I thought I'd be living the Amish lifestyle for a couple of weeks. We just moved into our house and found out they weren't coming out to install our phone, cable or internet for two weeks. I wasn't sure that I'd make it. I've come to depend on these few luxuries. I've always had a phone, had cable for two years in Pennsylvania and had high speed internet for two years. I was planning on hooking up my digital video player and renting 100 movies at Blockbuster....but it turns out that the cable from the previous homeowners is still hooked up....and I've got a cell phone....and I can use my laptop to get one of my neighbors wireless internet connections.
All is solved.
I'll be non Amish (a Namish) once again. It's nothing against the Amish, but I didn't want to have to grow one of those beards and I spent two weeks looking for one of their hats a few months ago and they're more expensive than you'd think. And who churns their own butter...seriously?

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  1. speaking of cell phones...can a brother get your new number? i've missed you and haven't been able to call...