Tuesday, November 15, 2005

3's a charm

I used to watch reruns of the show My Three Sons before school when I was a kid. I've always been a morning person, so I'd actually get up early enough to eat, grab a shower and watch some tv before school. I didn't really love the show, but I remember watching. So the big question is, Will our child that is due around June 19th (his or her old man's birthday) be a third son? I know that God loves me...but does he love me this much? My brother is pulling for a girl....not sure why...and my Aunt Peggy wants a girl (to be named after her....sort of...her real name is Margaret Mary and she wants us to name her that...even though she doesn't use that name, she wants us to). Anyhow, that's the latest. We're having a third child. This is a big day in the Murphy household. It's also Griffin's fifth birthday. Oh how the times they are a changin'.


  1. If it is a son...

    Steven Curtis Chapman Murphy.
    It's got a nice ring to it...

    or Duke O. Earl Murphy.

  2. Woohoo, and congrats. Boy or girl, you have to admit that Stacy is a pretty sweet name. Non-gender specific names are all the rage these days. Check it out: http://www.heliciculture.co.uk/diary/names.htm

  3. AWESOME. I'm routing for another boy. I can still remember how puffed up the "SEX DETERMINATOR" became when we discovered a 3rd son popped out. We new at some point we would be blessed with a daughter and then another one. CONGRADULATIONS! Fondly, Kate & Craig,SEX DETERMNATOR

  4. Sweet news, Murphy. Congratulations!