Tuesday, November 08, 2005


There's something different about having to be at work by 8:30. In State College I'd generally start work by 7, but it's different when you have a target. You don't want to get there late (which is why there's a starting time) but you also don't want to get there too early. Part of that is because the alarm scares me. I'd rather just get here when everyone else does....and then start. Consequently, I tend to work late in the day. Anyhow, I used to kind of do my blog as I was waiting on something...and it feels kind of naughty when I do it here. I worked about 70 hours last week...but I still feel guilty writing for 3 minutes while I'm in the office.
Maybe I just need a home office again.
I guess we'll see about that once we move into the new house. It is ironic to me that because I have an office and actual hours, I work less.
I've been listening to Christian music lately. I'm more AM than FM, but feel kind of odd listening to talk radio in an office. It's almost like the views presented by the radio show become somehow attached to me. Nobody is giving me funny looks, and I'm desperate to keep that the case. So I just listen to music. Since I work in a church, I figure that Christian music might be the least risky. A friend of mine says he listens to worship music to "loosen the soil". It helps break down his natural callous, hard candy shell. I know I could use a bit of that myself. So far I like the David Crowder Band. We'll see how long that lasts...

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  1. Hey Sean.

    I was just browsing blogs, and I saw yours. I really like it!

    I really like Christian music too.

    Have you heard of a guy named Michael W. Smith (I call him "Smitty")? He's really good; you should look into him. Either Smitty or dcTalk.

    c ya!