Monday, August 30, 2010


No matter how many times Leah tells me, "The Jersey Shore is my generation's Hogan's Heroes" I'm just not sure I'm going to throw it on my Tivo.

I know far less Snooki trivia than Fuller (it's actually the topic of his next book - sequel to The Sickness - "Getting Better, but still need a few days") but I just heard that major fashion brands are now sending her free SWAG.  The beauty of this is that they're sending her free stuff from their competitors.  It's the ultimate in UnBranding.

They're paying to get their competitors purses and sending them to her in the hopes that she'll throw up in them in public.

I love this.  I love this like Zack Galifinakis loves beard combs.  I almost with I had a competitor so I could send her some stuff...

Sure I could send her some Dave Coulier t-shirts and maybe get her to start a Reply To All campaign...but I feel like there is an even better idea out there...and I'm right on the cusp

Ultimately I just wanted to write a weblog post that ended in the word cusp...


  1. Anonymous6:45 PM

    If I'm the CEO of, let's say GAP, I'm hookin' up every bum on the corner with an American Eagle jacket. You KNOW they will wear it more often than Snooks. And no 14-year old girl wants to shop at a store that bums do. Clothe the homeless. Kill the competition.

    This business stuff is easy.

  2. so you're saying you ARE or are not currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Gap?