Thursday, August 19, 2010


"Why are you wearing a long sleeved shirt?"

That's something I hear fairly often.

"why don't you kick me in the throat?"

That's something I've never heard.

I walk out of my air conditioned house each morning and get into an air conditioned car.  I leave that car to go into an air conditioned office.  Today I had a meeting at Panera and people were complaining about how cold it was...but not me.

I have soccer practice a couple of times a week (coach Murphy of the undefeated Marco's Pizza Team) and I'll throw on some shorts and a t-shirt.  That makes sense to me...I'll be outside and I'll dress like it.  I might even throw on some shin guards and start a riot.

I've never understood like we always have to dress like we're going to be outside...when we know that we won't.

All I'm really getting at is that this was all an excuse to brag about getting to go to Panera and put a hilarious picture of a dog on here.  This is like a Family Circle cartoon in weblog form...
I know
I'm living the dream...

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