Wednesday, August 11, 2010

23 floors higher than I was yesterday

I'm looking out over the not-so windy city on the 24th floor of the Dana Hotel & Spa.  I could throw a kite off our balcony and it would do nothing more than fall.  Windy City?  I think you need a new nickname.

I've never stayed anywhere quite like this.  Oh sure, I've stayed at my share of Holliday Inns...the occasional hotel with a Red Roof...but never one named after the star of Different Strokes.
We have hardwood floors and a concrete ceiling in our room.  Our balcony has a view of Canada...well probably not Canada, but the Rainforest Cafe.

We went and saw some pretty great improvisational comedy last night and tonight looks like more of the same.  My hope is to go there having eaten some deep dish  Malnati's with Oprah.

We're living the like the Huxtables this week yo...

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  1. i cant help but feel you chose the wrong large city to visit