Thursday, August 05, 2010

Summit is a funny word for a conference

I'm not a huge fan of watching people speak via videotape. It doesn't even really ramp up much if I know the video is actually a live feed brought to me by tiny men and women in satellites (like those really exist).

-Simply put - I've never been a fan of televangelists and giant projected talking heads.  They frighten me more than when the Bradys would meet Alice in the middle of the night in the kitchen...and she'd have that sleep mask on.

Having said that - I'm a fan of the Leadership Summit.  They're calling it the Global Leadership Summit these days...but who are we kidding?   It's basically a bunch of Americans talking to church people in America.

Having said that - it's still pretty great.(keep in mind - I'm an American who is part of a church)

So that's what I get to do today and tomorrow.  I'm really, really hoping that tomorrow is interrupted by the visit of one of my all time favorite families...but that's a whole 'nother thing.  So I'm off to go see the Ferg...and maybe even a newly married friend of mine.  Could be a great day...

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