Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have a typing machine that will take these words and make them available in Detroit...and just about anywhere else.  I can now get on this "computer" and "type" out words, or even use this electronic machine to"call" people via "headset" and it does all of the heavy lifting.

It's true.

I also have electric wires throughout my home that allow me to remotely access an electical current capable of powering my portable lighting sources and toaster oven.

Before you check the date to see if this was written in the future - there's more.

I have "pipes" that are strategically placed in several rooms of our "house" that allow us access to water...wait for it...both hot and cold!

I know

Here's the rub - I can watch televised programming produced in Detroit while enjoying air that has been conditioned to be colder than unconditioned air...while reading my Wired Magazine and playing Words with Friends on my internet pod touch while singing along with Gene Chandler's rendition of Duke of Earl

But all I'll be thinking about is our lack of trash bags...and how stuff is piling up this morning...

The grass is always greener on the lawn of the people next door who have trash bags.

it's true


  1. Christopher Day12:45 PM

    Words with friends ID, please. I need to vanquish you. (it means to defeat soundly and it's one of the many words THIS friend will defeat you with)

  2. ylmurph
    is your ID chris day?
    if so...it's on
    if not...umm...it's still on...