Tuesday, June 12, 2007

two for Tuesday

Big day today. I get to follow a work day with a work night. We figured that since next week will be one of our busiest weeks all year, we'd have me speak somewhere tonight, have a t-ball game tomorrow night, friends over for dinner on Thursday and then go to a two day seminar on Friday and Saturday.
This will give us a day to get our house ready for three guests who are staying with us next week....while we're hosting a week long conference....that I'm speaking at....and we're dumb.

So I have this little speaking engagement tonight that I haven't really prepared for (is that bad?). Unfortunately I have a full day of meetings and work to do so I'm not going to get a ton of time today to pull some things together. Maybe I could have Dave guest speak and tell his Bumper story (have you heard it yet?)

Busy = important
you know that right?

I'm incredibly busy - ergo, I'm incredibly important.

I'm also incredibly smart - ergo, I use the word "ergo".

Oh sure you could argue that there are busier people out there (Bob Saget, Kate Blanchett, Tom Delay) and I concede that they are even more important than me...but I'm still really important.
And let's see them use words like "ergo" or "pedantic" or "pasta-like". I'm here to tell you that I use big words and have lots of meetings all the time.

I'm really not sure why I'm not the president of this planet.

Someday....oh yes, someday sweet friends.

As for today, I'm hoping to get some things done....maybe have a pasta-like lunch.

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