Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Easter Egg Scramble (Hunt)

We're putting 11,000 Easter Eggs on the Princeton H.S. practice football field.

You can't really hide 11,000 eggs that are colorful in design (try as you might). You definitely can't hide them on a football field...unless you bury them...but they won't let us do that.

The thing about our Easter Egg Scramble is that it takes place at 11:30 on Saturday, April 7th.

This is the weather report for Saturday, April 7th in Cincinnati, Ohio:

Saturday, Apr. 7
Few Snow Showers
30 %
Plow and salt parking lot

So now I'm thinking that maybe we can hide the Easter Eggs under the snow?


  1. 11,000 eggs!! is that so "everyone is a winner"?? anonymous would be proud of your liberal swinging on this one murph. (sarcasm abounds, hope the weather isn't that bad and that the kids have a great time celebrating that pagan holiday that Constantine forced upon Christianity).

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    That was a little uncalled for.

    Sure, I've been a jerk. But I tried to show contrition in that other comment thread, and now this.

    I guess you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

  3. if there's snow, will you be canceling the hunt? i mean, you'd be just absolutely mean for making kids leave the house when it's cold outside.

    and seriously, 11,000 eggs means that even i should win. if anonymous isn't happy with that...

  4. bragg7:35 PM

    Maybe I could melt all of the snow for you with my hot shweaty balls.

  5. bragg7:42 PM

    I'm sorry. That was awful of me. Sometimes I can't control my comments. I have issues.

  6. Sweet! I think anonymous is finally falling for me. One day, you and I will make sweet, sweet booyah, and the world will be perfect.

  7. Anonymous9:14 PM

    What is this booyah?

  8. i really don't think it was uncalled for. it was a joke, and i feel you've opened yourself up to some light jabbing with your comments.

  9. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Yoohoo, crave, keep up. All of that contrition crap wasn't me. It was Mike Brown or some other dork.

    I stand by every comment I've made.

  10. You stand behind every "anonymous" comment you made? Wow, that takes alot of guts.

    So, you failed answered my question. Have you never missed a single thing your kid has?

  11. Anonymous4:47 PM

    No. I've never missed anything. Neither has my husband. And that is the truth. They are respectful, unspoiled, creative people. And we Both have full time jobs.

  12. Anonymous,
    How do you do that? I honestly would like to talk to you to see how you guys manage that. How old are your children, because with ours I really can't see how this will get easier.
    And that is the truth, I really would like to know how you do it.

  13. Anon, Since both of you work full time, I would say that is why you have never missed anything - you must feel pretty guilty for missing their lives during your 40 hours.

  14. Anonymous6:24 PM

    We took lower-paying jobs than we were qualified for so that we could have schedules that fit together like puzzle pieces. One of us is always with them.

    We go to our bosses and beg for time off when we need it and work crappy hours (like hours at night and on weekends) when something comes up and we need time off to be there.

    Eat it (yourself) jana.

    Sorry, Annie. If I tell you anything specific about my situation, you will know who I am and I will be ostracized. Call me a coward, I don't care. I'm a coward who will keep my acquaintences. Church gossip is the most heinous kind.

  15. I beg you all, for your own sake, to stop paying attention to anonymous. You are playing right into her game, and while you all fume, she is cracking up.

  16. I'm still trying to make out with anonymous.

    Why won't you do it? What are you afraid of? I'm so ready to go right now. I will call off class for the rest of the night if you just say yes.

    BTW, We took lower-paying jobs than we were qualified for so that we could have schedules that fit together like puzzle pieces. One of us is always with them.

    So then you have missed something. Good rebuttal.

    But I forgive you. You can still make out with me.

  17. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Huh? You're saying we miss having higher paying jobs or we miss "together time"? Either way we make it work. Being tight in the money department is character-building, right?

    My husband is hot, Bragg. I don't need a mistress.

  18. So you're not going to answer either of my questions. Again, good rebuttal.

    And no one ever needs a mistress. But trust me, you want me.

  19. Anonymous,

    I just wanted you to know that I know who you are. I don't believe in "outing" people, but I wanted you to know before you said anything too awkward.

    I knew I should have been in the FBI.

  20. you outed me. it was fantastic.

    don't worry anonymous, i get checked regularly. i am d+d free and love to just make out like back in high school where discovering all that stuff was awesome.

    all i need is a yes or a time and place to meet.

  21. Anonymous9:19 PM

    OK Fuller, I call. Out me. Who am I?

  22. You know what? I realized that I've been insensitive. Is your husband into some trio action? I'd definitely be into that too.

  23. Anon. When it comes to the Murphy's, myself, and a few others on this thread, you have no grounds for talking about "church gossip!" We work for churches where we actually get paid far less than we are qualified for, and all the gossip to go with it.

    I honestly have a hard time believing that you have never missed a single event in the lives of your kids. Either they are 6 months old, or they are in college.

    BTW, give me a call there is some juicy info I've got on a few people in my church, we're talkin good stuff here...

  24. Anonymous10:56 AM

    You shouldn't be getting paid by a church in the first place. But that is another story.

    It's cool with me that you don't believe me. It's still true.

  25. Anonymous, I realize you have your opinions and I have differeing ones. But you really go for the jugular, a lot. You say hurtful things and I wonder if you talk to people face to face this way. If you had a conversation with someone you disagreed with, would you say some of the things you say here?

    Do you really think that by disclosing the specifics of your situation, your childrens ages that anyone will know who you are? By saying you have a 9 and 6 year old, people would immediately know its you since there is only one family that has kids those ages.

    Your comments are so either/or and there is not much room for anything else. I think you'd be better received without the bitter, figured it all out, "You shouldn't be..." or "always" or "never". Or the name calling.

    And are you satisfied with having "acquaintances"? Don't you want meaningful relationships? I can't imagine my life without the people that challenge me, call me on my crap and love me.