Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Procrastination seems like a word that on the surface would be more about action.

Pro - like you're for something, you're pro-active, you're pro-ductive, pro-lific.

Cras - like you're the guy who makes the fart jokes

Tin - like the guy with no heart

ation - just some random letters they put on the end of some words

I would be a really bad dictionary

I've had a chance to write for a friend of mind over the past year or so. He's written a bunch of books, and for the last year or so his publisher has asked him to include "talks" with his books. That's where I come in. He asked me to write one for one of his chapters...and then a couple....and then a book's worth, and then a second book, and a third.

It's fun and it's exhausting.

The last time was more exhausting than fun. I was under a big deadline in the midst of taking over another department (sounds more important than it actually is...but that's what was happening) at a crazy busy time of the year...and I had 12 chapters to read and write for....

Fast forward a few months and he sends me an e-mail asking about another book...and another 12 chapters. I said yes. My schedule was light. I wasn't in a play. I wasn't thinking through my overall scheduling.

And now here I am - with 12 talks to write. I've written a few...but the last bunch will be the battle.

Procrastination is not my middle name - that's Michael. They gave me that name before they knew me...


  1. I'll never forget the first time I heard the word procrastination. I just loved the sound of it even though I didn't know what it meant yet. As it turns out there is a reason why I love that word so much. And here I am reading blogs instead of getting started on my long list of things to do today! ;)

    But I seem to work best under a deadline, sadly. Hope you do too!

  2. "Procrastination is not my middle name - that's Michael. They gave me that name before they knew me..."

    Can I steal this line for my screenplay? Not so much the procrastination, or Michael, well maybe Michael, but more the essence of the line.

  3. you're writing a screenplay without me?!?!

    What have I done that you've forsaken me?

  4. Yes, but it's a long, painstakingly slow process. It would never work anyway. Damon and Affleck didn't write 'Good Will Hunting' in different states.

  5. That seems like a plenty good reason for you to move here