Monday, December 10, 2007

A Cat named Bruce...

I'll be on stage with three actors that have their own agent.

I clearly don't need an agent.

should be fun...

click here for a couple of sneak peaks


  1. Looks good. Wish I could see it.

    Harness your inner Goldblum,

  2. i always knew you were a super star. now everyone else is going to know it too!

  3. Blah, blah, blah...

    How about dem Steelers?

    Interesting that a Steelers player guarentees a win, then they flop, and you have nothing to say.

    Oh, if that was Chad Johnson, how we'd all hear about how undisciplined the Bengals are and how that would NEVER happen in Pittsburgh.

    Of course, Chad has also played more than a half-dozen NFL games.

  4. Interesting? You haven't heard enough about it on Jim Rome? I've probably written 3 or 4 things about the Steelers this year (out of 13 games) so I really haven't turned this into a Steeler's or even a sports blog.

    I always think it's silly when someone guarantees a win.

    I thought it was silly when you said that the Bengals would have a better record than the Steelers this year (it's in writing) and funny that you have never heard me talk about how the things in Cincinnati would never happen in Pittsburgh and yet write as though you guarantee that you know them to be true…when you don’t.

    I don't live in a Steelers dream world.

    I do know that they beat the Bengals most of the time. I know that they beat them both times they played them this year. I know that they have more wins, fewer losses, and fewer players that have done prison time. I know that they have five more Super Bowl wins and one less loss. I know that they’re a better franchise with a greater tradition and history. I just don’t revolve that much of my life around it, even though I played and coached…and might understand a bit more of the sport than someone who did neither.

    I just chose not to write about football today (as I do almost all of the time)

    And that’s ok – it’s just a kids game… one that my team generally plays better than yours...but again, take a deep's ok.

  5. I'll be your agent. Just promise me 10% of all your future income, even the stuff I don't get for you, and I will work hard for you whenever my other clients aren't making me rich.

    That seems to be how it works...

  6. We'll settle this Saturday...

  7. LOVE the glasses sean. you are HOTT