Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Earth Day

I'm never sure what to get Earth on it's big day.  You hate to give her a gift card, but you know that that's probably what she wants.  It's just not very original...and who wants to buy a practical gift?
Not me.

I finally landed on a tried and true unoriginal, yet somewhat creative gift.
I'm going homemade coupon book.

Here's a sample of what I gave Earth:
-Good for one back rub
-one night free babysitting
-I'll clean any room you choose
-3 days of not making fun of Antarctica
-free car wash
-breakfast in bed
-I'll stop construction on my Styrofoam city
-a hug

I hear it's also Good Friday.  Seems like an odd name for the day.  You'd think we would have gone with awful Friday, Sad Friday...or if you're familiar with the ending - Awesome Friday or Grace Friday.  Good Friday just seems kindda Vanilla.

On the flip side, Vanilla is there's that...


  1. gift cards are made of plastic. so i think that's out. just fyi.

  2. maybe they're plastic in Branson, but here they're made of bamboo and love

  3. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Me and my family do not forget to celebrate this day.......

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