Tuesday, April 05, 2011

they're watching us...

I've received four electronic mail messages in the past week informing me that I'm about to get electronically harassed by the spam terrorists.

Scary, right?
Sure - I'll go ahead and answer for you.

It was interesting when one company sent me a "we screwed up" note.  Turns out they're system was hacked into and that means that everything they knew about me is now known by the electro-terrorists (working on the copy write on that one).  It was disturbing when the second company sent me basically the same message.

It was alarming when my bank sent me the same note.  My bank's system was hacked! (that warrants an exclamation, does it not?)

Assuming the electro-terrorists know my passwords, that means it's fairly likely they've hacked this site...so it stands to reason that I'm not even writing this...

That means they've hacked this weblog and now they have access to your computer and will fairly soon steal all your stuff and sell it on the electronic bay.

Where will it stop?

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