Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Angry with the Wiffle Balls!

I received an electronic message via my cellular telephone yesterday informing me that I was a winner. 
Actually it read, "You lucky SOB"
As a Christian man I assumed that "SOB" meant servant of Bible - turns out it meant that I won a kindle from the Seeker.

I immediately made plans to buy an electronic copy of Rob Bell's book and burn it, but then someone told me that I'd also lose the Kindle...and my street cred. (side note - I'm not jumping onto either side of this whole thing.  One side is mad about the book assuming what it says - One side is mad at people that they're assuming haven't read the book - a third side hasn't read the book and hasn't been pulled into the anger of either position - a fourth side is wondering how many sides this thing really has?)

So here's the Sophie's choice moment - Do I get the Kindle and enjoy words electronically, or do I trade her in and opt for a Nook and/or some sort of Android type tablet?

Keep this in mind - Sophie was choosing which one of her kids would live and/or die.
I'm making a similar decision, except it's what I should buy with Amazon dollars. 

So I already have the Kindle application on my laptop computer - I can enjoy the Ripple from the convenience of this device and/or my new tablet.

I'm really at a crossroads here.

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  1. There's a 5th side - those who have read the book and once again don't really have a clue what Rob meant by it. (Does Rob even know?)

    trade in Kindle and get an apple tv, jailbreak it to be able to watch a ridiculous amount of movies, then sit back and watch your street cred explode.