Tuesday, July 20, 2010

super weird

I'm on a social network named "Facebook".  I know it's a funny name...it's a book of faces?  Or it's a face that looks like a book?  Doesn't matter, it'll never last.

Having said that, I'm on it and I have some Facebook "friends".  In fact I have a ton of friends (2,000 pounds...it's actually not hard.  You get 10 big guys and you're there).
Also, like many people who attend a large church, I have a bunch of these "friends" that I don't necessarily hang out with every day.  Occasionally I'll even receive a friend request from someone I don't really know that well.  Typically I'll click the button that says something like "mutual friends".  If it's a bunch of people I know, I figure I know this person and I'll hit "accept".
It's just who I am.

The other day I received a request from a name I didn't recognize.  I looked for mutual friends and we didn't have any.  I clicked on their name and it turns out they only had three friends.  Even if these friends were huge, there was almost no chance she had a ton of facebook friends.

Would you like to know the three friends?
Sure you would
Sean Michael Murphy
Sean Michael Murphy
& a guy named Sean Michael Murphy

I would have been the fourth.
This tells me a couple of things.
1.  I was her fourth pick of Sean Michael Murphys in this world
2.  I'm fairly certain this is how a cereal killer would find out info before appearing at your house with a flamethrower and a well worn copy of Catcher in the Rye.

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  1. so did you accept her friendship or what???
    oh, and I'll miss you when you're gone. that too.