Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Batman is weird...

This could be great...in fact, I'm going to go ahead and say that it will be great.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 7:30 there will be comedy performed by people standing up at Go Bananas Comedy Club .

Young Mat Thornburg will be one of the people telling jokes whildst standing.  How great would it be to be one of the people sitting and listening...and then laughing at those very jokes?
I'll tell you.
Really great

This is the semi-finals of the Funniest Person in Cincinnati contest.  They'll have a bunch of comedians perform, we all vote for Mat...and then a headliner performs and we all go home having beta-endorphins coursing through our veins.

So let's all go and laugh a bit...what could be better?
8410 Market Place Lane

Montgomery, OH 45242-5332
Tel: (513) 984-9288

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  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    What if my endorphins are fine now?