Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hey Now

There are several reasons I think the Major League Baseball All Star team is silly.
Number one on that list is that I decide who makes the teams.

It's not just me, but I get to vote.  People get mad when "the best singer" gets voted off American Idol and it turns from a karaoke show into a popularity contest.  An all star team decided by fans like me (full disclosure - I'm not really fanatical about baseball) is that much worse. 

What do we know about baseball?  Don't most people just vote for their favorite players from their team?

Baseball people say that it's the little things that win in baseball....like pitching and defense.  Nobody really cares about defense when they're voting for All Stars.  We just pick the guy with the highest batting average or the most home runs.  We don't know defense any better than we understand the balk rule.  It's easy to talk numbers, but we don't know how many errors Mark Lemke has (zero). 

We're dumb when it comes to the sport...and we're the deciders of who is worthy to be named an All Star?
It's silly really...
almost as silly as me spending 4 minutes writing this...but I'm on vacation, so what else am I going to do?

Postscript - did you know that Evan Meek has a .96 Earned Run Average?
Post-Postscript - did you know that the Cincinnait Spikes have a game today at 6:30?
Post-Post-Postscript - yesterday I bought a few Florence Freedom tickets through groupon.  I'm rapidly becoming fanatical about the Freedom and also groupon as well...

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