Friday, July 16, 2010

how great are they?

Why is Chipotle the best?
2 things - they have a burrito that couldn't improve even with bacon.
-they're dining room has the feel of an underground bunker/fightclub

now let me tell you a story...

I was hanging out bench pressing and helping old ladies cross the street when I got a call.
Hello, is this Sean Michael Murphy?
Sean, you won our fishbowl drawing at Chipotle
excellent, what does that mean?
It means you are a lucky s.o.b. Sean
by s.o.b. do you mean Student of Bob Saget?
and what do I get?
You get four free burritos
And so I ordered four burritos, two bags of chips with salsa and three large cheese quesadillas (I was hungry) (and we were having friends over) (and quit judging my order)

So in theory I only have to pay for the non-burrito items, right?
Wrong - Chipotle doesn't play like was all free.
Free like the air you breathe and the six pack ring holder things that come with your diet dr pepper and eventually choke dolphins...

and I love them...


  1. Hey you should try taqueria mercado on dixie hwy. Their burritos make chipotle's look small. They wont give em to ya but you will go back for more.

  2. 1 - ignore lee
    2 - imagine reading this post after being out of the country for 2 weeks. its good to be in america. its even better to be in an america with chipotle.