Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things I still don't know

I was off having a great weekend with great people and opted to talk to them instead of my computer/television...but now
-I have no idea who won the Master's.
-I hear something controversial happened with the United States at the World Cup...but I'm not sure what.
-I don't know where we will live in 2 years - don't tell our neighbors...we're getting sick of this house
-I don't know 2 people who clean their cellular phones with Qtips...or anybody who follows the "rules" of Qtips and keeps them outta their ears
-I don't know why they cancelled Ed
-I don't know why people deny loving Saget
-I have no idea who is any good in baseball, but I'm fairly certain it's not the Pirates
-I don't know why my lawn looks like the title of a popular Showtime series
-I don't know what the deal is with Brad's voice...something to do with the pancreas?

1 comment:

  1. you also may not know the difference in the Masters and The US Open...