Thursday, June 17, 2010

My theory

I have a theory...
I also have an awesome idea about how to clean up the oil spill, but I don't want to talk about that.  I've got bigger fish to fry (possible "see what I did there?" with the whole fish and frying reference...because you fry in oil...)

I want to talk about meteorologists.
They really, really like to be on television.  Lots of people do, they're just in a position to do it more often.  In fact, they're on every night...but you know there's gotta be that tug to be the anchor.  If you're the anchor, you get 15 or so minutes every night.  How could a meteorologist get that kind of time?

I'll tell you how - make an incredibly big deal out of a thunderstorm, that's how.
Knock out entire one hour dramas and the final five minutes of a sporting event.  Interrupt a reality show and talk about how rain makes things wet and lightning might kill your giant statue on the lawn.

This is the Super Bowl for weatherpeople.  In fact, this is the NBA Playoffs because it goes on and on and on...every time there is thunder a t-ball game gets cancelled.  Every time a t-ball game is cancelled and we're forced into our homes we're made to watch the weathermaps.

Keep in mind that we have the best weather-people in the business here in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I've lived in four cities and you're not going to find better meteorolgist that in the Queen city.  I'm just saying that the final five minutes of my digitally recorded Last Comic Standing was pictures of rain and that's not as hilarious as our next Dat Phan...

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