Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I get that socialism doesn't/hasn't worked.  It just sort of sounds good on paper...if the paper isn't very deep.

I sort of like the idea of voluntary socialism.  I tend to vote for candidates who give more to charity than their opponents.  I think it speaks to their generocity and also to what they really believe in.  It's not the only factor...but it's one.

I like the idea of a church body/family that freely gives to those in need.  I'm not as much a fan of standards of giving because it takes it from a choice and moves it to an obligation.  I also wonder sometimes if folks would be even more generous if they weren't held to some sort of standard. 

None of this is what I'm thinking about right now.  I'm just starting to ask the question - should churches/Christians/I charge money for their/our services and/or messages?  Should I stop doing this/ and also this...?

I've been paid to write/speak/act/teach/perform for a bunch of this is all about me. (I'm just saying that this isn't about you Rick Warren...or you and your angelic voice Michael W. Smith)

I've always admired the idea of giving away to the world what God has given me...but it sure is nice to get paid.

So when my friend asks me to ghost write for his next book, or I'm asked to speak at that thing at St. Craigs....or to do a training conference in Motown...aren't these messages that I want to share with the world?  Wouldn't it make sense for me to make them as accesible as possible?  Wouldn't making them free help to spread the message more?  Should they bring back the show Ed?  These are the questions I'm wrestling with right now.

I'm also thinking of buying a cape.  Something simple and understated.


  1. Aunt Peg9:14 AM

    Ah..the question of the balance of life...
    It is all about scheduling and goal setting. What % of time do you want to set aside for God, Family, Recreation...then it's like a budget. If the request fits in the time budget, do it..
    When someone calls me and asks for a $40 donation so they can send their child on a trip to Europe for school, I tell them my budget for that has been depleted for that category.(heck, I'VE never been to Europe..maybe I'll call THEM back next month and ask them to contribute?

  2. Capes are never a good idea. They always lead to bad things.

  3. I am in need of a large wall clock.......know where I can find one?

  4. A) First "Ed" reference in a while. Soon, the kids won't understand.

    B) Mr. one bad thing Superman has ever done. Exactly.