Tuesday, June 15, 2010

illegal blocking, bearded guy

This should probably fall under the leadership of a graphic designer...and I'm more of what you'd call an idea guy.

Having said that - I thought I'd offer up a few ideas for the church up the street that now faces the task of how to replace their lawn ornament/statue.
Picture no hat, but add a beard

I like the idea of keeping a little of what they had, but maybe just tweeking it a bit.

They had touchdown Jesus, so what about intentional grounding Jesus?

or how about illegal cut block Jesus?

You could do Safety Jesus, offsides Jesus, illegal motion Jesus...the possibilities are endless.

I'm just going to make the argument that you really ought to stay with football.  I think we'd all agree that that's probably the best way to honor the tradition...

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  1. I think that you are right. They should also have moving parts in the next one to give more emphasis to the motion. I just hope we don't have any giant yellow flags landing on I75.