Monday, April 12, 2010


"I think selling out is doing anything that you don't love"

I just heard someone say that on a podcast...and I don't completely agree, but it got me thinking

I heard Wess Stafford speak this past weekend.  He'd lived out more stories in his first 7 years than most of us will in 70.

If you're not familiar with Wess -
He spells his name with an extra S
He wrote Too Small to Ignore
All the proceeds of his book go to his mission in life.
His mission in life is to be a voice for children.

Which got me thinking...

How many people do I know that I believe would die for their cause or mission?

Maybe 3 or 4?
I'm not really sure...

I don't know Wess, but from what I know and from what I've heard...he's the real deal.

I'm not sure that there are that many out there, and it was inspiring to hear his story.  I'm just saying...

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