Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I'm #9!

For those of you wondering who ended up taking ninth in our 2010 National Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball championship....

...that's right, it was me!!!

I finished the season having watched less than five seconds of non-third grade basketball, and I'm pretty ok with that.

As for who wins all kinds of cash and prizes, minus the cash?  NJS181 "Hampden's Finest" pulled it off.

Who is NJS181?  I'm just guessing here, but I'm going to go with Nate Scott - who lives in Hampden...I long as that's close to Baltimore...which I'm fairly certain it is.

For the record - Ken Snelling took second and no points.
Chris something or other was third (they should really make you put your real name down)
Amanda was the top placing lady finishing in 6th place.
and did I mention I took 9th? (dominating the Docherty boys in 10 place)

Other notables:
Annie (Hometown Thunder) took 31st place
Best name in the bracket? - I'm going to go with Captain Flounder Pants the third (Nick 28th)
a close second? -The Dude Abides - Eenie meenie minie moe - Hoosier Daddy -
Jesus Shuttleworth
Most Ironic? - I will win (11th) The Champion (6th) Darrell's Prophetic Picks (48th) - they stone you for this kind of thing...
Closest to landing the ship? - Use this as the answer key (3rd place)

Nate had Duke beating Syracuse in the finals...and that's close enough for this group of 59 guessers.

Congratulations young Nate - you've done Maryland proud.

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  1. Chris something or other?? Um, hello!!!

    P.S. Use this as the answer key = Chris something or other = me.

    Had a great time playing. Can't wait till your Nascar brackets come out!