Friday, April 16, 2010

4 Week Church Experiment

Looks like I'll be speaking at the Mason Vineyard for the next four weeks.

I haven't done all my homework on the Masons, but I'm expecting lots of secret oaths and a parking lot full of tiny parade cars...  This is where I should probably tell you that this is actually the Vineyard Church in Mason - see what I did there?

(rumor stopper ahead) They're searching right now for a Senior Pastor and this is definitely not me preaching as some sort of interview.  A few folks have asked if I put my name in the hat, and I haven't nor am I in the future.  I you were to find the hat (I haven't seen it, but I'm guessing a fez) you wouldn't see my name anywhere near it.  They have an awesome bunch of folks who they're talking to and they are well on their way to finding someone who I'm sure will be great.  I simply said yes when they asked me to speak for a series because I love what they're doing and would love to help them out.

So with three days notice that I'm writing four talks and branding a series, I should probably stop weblogging and go steal some of Joe's old talks...


  1. sounds like a saban move.........just kidding.
    I feel like I should buy a plane ticket to Ohio

  2. they key is to crouch down and mime something.