Friday, April 09, 2010

All Good Things

Our Mini-Staycation comes to an end today at 5 o'clock. I figure I would be heading home about then tonight if I was from 5:01 on I'm off the clock normally...

Lots to do this weekend - Tonight I'm off to hang out with Shareholders.
how great is she?
Tomorrow I get to speak at a conference.  I'm not sure it's actually a's only one day...I'd probably know what it was if I worked this past week.  I also get to hand out stuff at our four services and then improvise stuff on Sunday night.
Should be fun...right?  Sure...

But let's not talk about the future, let's dwell on the past.

This week the Murphy Olympiad was in full swing.
It's too early to name a winner, but Griffin is winning going into the last day of competition.  It should be a nail biter, because he's only up by one point.  It shouldn't be a nail biter because biting your nails is bad...

We played some frisbee golf and some miniature golf.
There was Wii bowling and actual bowling.
We learned How to Train a Dragon and also How to Fly a Kite.
Jimmy actually had the high score...

Picnics, euchre, coughing, planting, water fights, tennis with friends and playing with the neighbors.

We never had our Chopped competition or visited any museums...but who's counting?

seriously...who is keeping track?  I need to get in my paperwork...

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  1. Love the pics, Sean. Hope you ALL had a terrific staycation.