Monday, April 05, 2010

Method Man

After decades of begging, the answer is Yes, I'll give you a peak beneath the curtain...or behind it...bottom line, I'm going to let you in on my secret(s).

Here's my method.  Here's how I do.

First of all, my research team pulls from any number of sources as to what's "hot" right now.
Apparently vampires and affairs are big these days.  Also, self tanners.

After my interns pull together three to five possibilities, I spend a few days in a meditative trance centering myself on both the possibilities that exist, but also on my inner child.  He loves to skateboard and anything with pirates.

Then I go with a topic, write up a few it through legal...and presto,'s like I have a licence to print Euros.

The results?  You're looking at them kid...and yes, it's a gift...
and you're welcome...

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