Tuesday, February 20, 2007

5 X 6 = good stuff

Five talks in the next six days. Four of them are different talks. Three of them are talks I haven't ever delivered. Two of them.....um....let's see....two....um...are the same talk to two different groups. One of them will probably be pretty bad.

Guess which one I'll remember?

Tonight I get to do a repeat talk of something that's been planned for years. It's one of my favorites and I was ready to give it two weeks ago...but it was snowy...and cancelled. The same thing happened last week. It just happens to kick off my week of different talks to different groups. It's nice to start with one that I like...and am comfortable with.

I used to speak so often that I'd play little games to keep it fresh. I had a friend who would whisper a word to me, "fluoride" or whatever, and I'd have to include it in my talk. It kept it fun for me, and I think him.

Now it's a little different. I haven't spoken anywhere in a couple of weeks. That time I didn't have anyone give me a word, I just had them introduce me with 9 minutes left in the meeting...and had prepared about 30 minutes of genius. When that happens, you don't really need the added fun of trying to squeeze in a secret word. In fact I spent the whole time trying to squeeze out about half my talk (which I did...including my big point....um...oops)

So I don't speak a couple of times a week...or even every week. Now it's just once or twice a month...but not this week.

This week is five. To be honest, I'm stretching it a big. It's actually 4 talks and one group discussion...it's just that five sounds more impressive. You see I'm getting ready to speak and I'm already figuring out how to make things sound more impressive...


  1. 9 minutes? That's weak. I can't believe they put you in that position!

    Maybe your wife told them that 9 minutes was all you needed.

  2. just remember to picture everyone in their underwear.