Thursday, February 10, 2011

This is a real thing?

The Streetflyer is "hangliding for people afraid of heights".  The concept is you get this thing going and then you lift up your legs and enjoy the feeling of flying...from 3 feet in the air.  It seems like she's having fun.

It's not that different than Fred Flintstone pedaling his car and then lifting his legs...or a kid on a bike coasting...or me pretending like I'm helping to lift the appliance when I help you move...but really my hands are just sort of under the refrigerator. (you don't want to ask me to help you move)

I think if this thing sticks, I might have to invent a few more genius ideas for people with phobias.

Quick idea:  I could do a 2,000 square foot elevator for people with claustrophobia.
...and that's just the start. 
(patent pending)

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