Friday, February 04, 2011

Finally, some love for my fellow sufferers...

After nine years Homeland Security has decided to discontinue the color-coded terror alerts.
For 2/3rds of my children, they've never lived in a world without connecting the color yellow with elevated.

I can't remember how many times Parker has come up to me and said, "Daddy, I drew this picture all by myself and I even colored the doggy guarded"  Now she'll just call it blue.

Here's the bottom line:
I am color blind.  I've had to live in a world with an elevated sense of panic for nine years... knowing the full time that I would have no idea what the actual threat level was that day.

Not any more fellow Americans.  What's the new system?  Nobody really knows, but I have a few suggestions.
The sitcom system

The threat today is low = we're at a threat level Modern Family.
Moderate threat =Any show with a former member of Seinfeld of Friends
Extreme threat = Ted McGinley has joined the cast

I think this could be done with photographs.  I lean towards black and white photos, but that's the genius of this works for everybody.
You're welcome America

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