Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Duty Now For The Future

In 1978 the greatest band of all time (to come out of Akron) came out with, arguably, the greatest first album of all time (to come out of Kent State) "Q:  Are we not men? A: We are Devo!"

This flower-pot wearing band put out some of the greatest music of our time (from Northern, Ohio...specifically Kent & Akron).
-Greatest song of all time involving a whip? -Whip It (obviously)
-Greatest cover of a Rolling Stones song - Satisfaction
-Greatest song that you'll never hear at a karaoke bar - Girl U Want

Mark Mothersbaugh (lead singer of the greatest band to ever play the mini-moog) has created more film and television scores than there are films and television shows...and I'm only exaggerating a little...
He composed the music you hear in the Get a Mac commercials.
He single handedly wrote the song that shut up Barry Manilow.

Devo has been around for 35 years.  I've heard everything they've ever played.  While I'm not a Devo-tee (that's gotta be the fan club name, right?)  I would say I know more about them than most.

So why did it take me until yesterday to find out that Devo stand for De-Evolution?
I'm dumb...

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