Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You'll thank me later

quick thing - head here and buy some movie tickets.
(just found out that tickets actually go on sale for individual movies tomorrow...and I'm dumb)

Some of you might be saying, "Sean, you're not the boss of me!"

others might just be thinking, "that Murph, seems like he's trying to control my life"

still others - "Oh that Sean Michael...he's so darn adorable when he tries to tell me how to spend my time"

Sure, I started out a little aggressive, but here's why I believe it's warranted:
 1.  I'm a sucker for movie theater popcorn
 2.  The more people go to movies, the fresher the popcorn
 3.  The more people who go to movies, the more Hollywood makes... and I'd like to help Hollywood...why?
        A.  They're the ones who produce the mechanism for sitting in a dark room while eating delicious popped corn
 4.  I'll be there and I'll help to demonstrate the proper amount of salt to be applied to the aforementioned pop corn.


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  2. Stop censoring my boy, Steve Finnell.

  3. he posted "please visit my site" 8 seconds after I posted this...I have no idea how.
    I think you'd love his stuff Fuller