Thursday, September 16, 2010

Say it aint so O

An open letter to Oprah

Hey girlfriend,
   Um...what the h? (heck)
You're just going to pick up and quit?  What up with that?
Let me ask you a few QUESTIONSSSSSSS!!!!
-Who is going to tell me what to read?
-Who will tell me how to vote?
-Where will I put my, "Someday when Oprah gives me a car and/or vacation" hopes?
-What if I forget my Spirit?  Ever think of that O?!
-Can I at least know a few of your favorite things next year?
-Is there a well intentioned pseudo spiritual New Age guru that you'd recommend?

Just wondering
Disappointed in Detroit
Sean Michael Murphy
(not really Detroit...Cincinnati actually...but you knew're Oprah after all...)

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