Monday, September 20, 2010

Things that I love

While I'm on a Pittsburgh Pirates-like personal losing streak in this game - I sure do love playing Words With Friends on my internet pod touch.

I play under the handle "ylmurph" and play by one rule:
-Take no longer than 45 seconds to find a word
I figure that keeps things loose, keeps me on my toes & gives me an excuse when I lose.
It's basically Scrabble and accepts all of what I call the fake Scrabble words - Qi, Za, Teniae, Pie, etc.

I also was given a Duck tour this past weekend.
A duck tour is exactly what it sounds like.
O.K., it's nothing like what it sounds like.
A.  No ducks
B.  Um...that's really the only reason it doesn't sound like what it is.

It's a big vehicle that looks like one you'd hop off of when you come out of if you were visiting Normandy and didn't mind getting shot.  The only difference is that we were given duckbills that quaked when you blew into them instead of rifles.

You ride around the city getting a tour (did you know there are 14 bats making crowns at the Reds stadium as a not so subtle tribute to you know who?) and then you drive right into the river.
Yup...right into the water.  It's like a plane, in that you're riding and then your flying...but that you're riding and then your um...still riding...but in the water...

I'd throw in cute pics of our kids making duck sounds...but blogger hates my pics right now.
I'm not sure why.
I think it has something to do with me saying something about bloggers sister at the Christmas party last year...

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