Friday, December 05, 2008

Tom Cruise

I'd like to propose a couple of changes.  I think it's high time we renamed the rooms of our collective houses.

Bathroom?  I have three of these "bathrooms" and only one bath.  Oh sure I've got a shower in another, but that's a showerroom at best.  There are a few things these rooms all have in common.  A toilet and a sink.  I'd call them sink rooms, but then what is the kitchen if not a sinkroom?  I think the obvious here is to start calling it the toilet room, or commode room.  I work in a building with 6 "bathrooms" and zero baths.  We're liars perpetuating a hoax as old as time itself.  I'm sorry to be a part of that.

The living room should be called the room that you don't use....or really live in.  The family room can be called the tv room.

And what's the deal with master bedroom?  Really?  You're the "master"?  It's embarrassing.

Hallway I'm cool with.  Always have been.  Makes sense.   I say we keep it.  It'd be silly not to...


  1. Also, I don't know why you're bringing poor Tom into this, but since you already did, here's this.

  2. My mom refers to the half-bathroom on the first floor of their house as the "powder room" which makes no sense to me because no one "powders" anything there. well, mom does put on some of her makeup there, but i don't think powder is involved. at least not there. (I believe the realtor who sold them the house 35 years ago referred to it as 'powder room' so it stuck.)
    She does have a decorative wooden plaque on the outside of the powder room door on which is printed 'WC' for water closet, but she doesn't call it that.

    In my house I have only one room with toilet, sink and bathtub so it gets donned the traditional "bathroom".