Tuesday, December 30, 2008

breakfast with my people

Party of twelve, your breakfast is ready.

Lot of pressure when you've got folks in from overseas for breakfast. 

This is why I'm writing a weblog when I should be sweating over the details of eggs and cooked pig products:

The friends in from across the pond live in Ireland.  This completely eradicates any pressure I might have felt about the food served.  Oh sure I've had food over in the Emerald Isle.  I have a back and forth discussion with my Irish friends about their food products.

Old joke:  What's the shortest book ever written?  Great chefs of Ireland.

I've heard the food is much better over there now.  Bobby Flay did a special on the food of Ireland last year...and it didn't look half bad.

So maybe I should stop writing and put the pop tarts away...

I've gotta represent for the good old USA.

And what's more American than Frosted Flakes?


  1. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Better than frosted flakes?(which your son, Griffin would not eat when he stayed over the other night)

    Krispy Kreme anythng

  2. well, since you can't eat baseballs or Chevrolets, and hotdogs aren't appropriate breakfast food, I vote for anything with apple in it... turnovers, deep dish pie, fritters, dumplings, muffins, coffee cake... and if that's not a go, then Lucky Charms or Cap'n Crunch or maybe even Wheaties cereal could make an appearance.