Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spitting Image

I got caught spitting yesterday.  It's something I do when I'm fighting a cold, or foo.  I've had this sore throat, all over achy thing happening lately.  This usually comes with flem and lots of sneezing. 

For me, flem goes hand in hand with spitting.  Typically I like to do this in the privacy of my own making.  I'll open the car door and let loose, maybe go around the corner....real spy kind of sneakiness.  Yesterday I turned and let loose before I walked into my office...and saw a friend of mine.  She just sort of gave me the good morning hello...but I felt a little naughty.
Not Fuller at a nudie beach naughty, more like the guy adjusting his swimming suit parts and getting caught...kind of naughty.

I'm not sure why - seems perfectly natural...just kind of nasty.  It's not my fault, I blame the rhinovirus and the Smokey & the Bandit movies.

So I'm thinking about getting a spittoon...something classy...maybe brass with a state flag on the front.  Not Ohio, who has an Ohio spittoon?  Now you're just being silly...


  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Use a tissue or spit (quietly) into the toilet in privacy!!! That's what most women do.

    Men just seem to have to spray their bodily fluids everywhere whenever they feel like it. It like animals marking territory. It's gross. I don't understand why men feel like it's OK to spit their germs all over the place. Then we all accidentally walk through it and tracks those nasty bugers (and worse) into our homes. It's DISGUSTING. Stop it!!!

  2. somebody is a sexist...

  3. I wrote that Murph. And maybe I was being a little sexist. For that, I'm sorry. I'm also sorry for spelling boogers wrong.

  4. you may not get sick until dec. 24. it will ruin christmas for 10,000 people.

  5. no pressure murph....

  6. As I was washing my hands in the restroom at my work, a woman walked in and went straight to the sink and proceeded to hold one side of her nose and blow out stuff from the other side into the sink. Then she did the other side and after that, she turned the water on and helped the "nose stuff" go down the sink using her hands. So seeing someone spit out flem is perfectly normal behavior as opposed to this woman