Thursday, November 29, 2007


love - The Office

don't love - little burns on my fingers from the iron, stove or crackpipe

love - ping pong
don't love - people talking in a meeting to hear themselves talk
love - laughing because of a great story
don't love - guilt
love - conviction
don't love- hopelessness
love - hope
don't love - sitting in a cold car first thing in the morning
love - the remote control
don't love - ill fitting shirts
love - Hasslehoff on stage in full Vegas glory
don't love- the dearth of Saget on tv these days
love - the Beatles' later years
don't love - Coulier, the scene chewing space taker from the house
love - Kramer
don't love - Michael Richards
love - the Duke of Earl
don't love - weak handshakes
love - the option
don't love - the prevent defense
love - this blog
don't love - this blog
love - bumper pool
don't love - a parade
hate - paper cuts
hate - traffic

1 comment:

  1. LOVE - garages that have enough room to put my car
    Don';t love - your word verification when I can't read the smushed up letters