Tuesday, November 06, 2007

kicking it in the Dub C

I can sleep at night once more!!! The guy who was driving around shooting at houses in and around my neighborhood has been caught. It is once again safe in the Dub C.

According to the story on channel 12, there was no known motive.

Disgruntled Bengals fan? We may never know…


  1. I have a theory...people in the 'Burbs are bored and crazy. How else do you explain lawn ornaments?

  2. Auntie Mistaken Identity12:03 PM

    I believe that you have mistaken this person as a fan...he is actually a member of the Bengals TEAM...and he was out on parole practicing on his eye-hand coordination..and uh,...he was shooting for the stars and his aim was a bit "off"...
    It happens....