Friday, November 30, 2007

the mole

I’ve been eyeing a moleskin journal for a while now. I’ve tried daytimers, recording devices, palm pilots and even calling my phone and leaving voice messages every time a thought popped into my little head.

I’d call whenever I thought of an illustration for a talk.

I’d pull out my palm pilot and jot down notes for a meeting…and hope I’d remember to synch it to something I’d actually read later on.

I’d say little one liners into the mini recorder and try to remember later what the heck, “Donald Trump and Rosie playing charades” means??? And what could I possibly do with this information once I figure it out???

So the latest thing I’ve been debating is the possibilities of a moleskin journal. They’re all the rage. They look kind of cool. You can get little ones that fit in your pocket – so they’re as handy as a palm pilot, but quicker. They’re kind of expensive, but cheaper than a daytimer. They don’t require batteries…so there’s that.

The thing is they’re really overpriced for a simple little notebook. I just have never had any luck with the spiral bound notebooks…they just get battered and bent and make too much noise when you try to rip out pages…and some pages come out that you don’t want to come out.

Some might see this as a cry out for Bragg to buy me one for Christmas…sure, but he installed a hanging lamp in my dining room – and what says the birth of Jesus more than a hanging lamp? Exactly.

No, this is just the plaintive cry of someone realizing that he should just buy a cheap notebook at CVS and find a tiny pen that he can keep alongside it….(sigh)


  1. i carried a cheap little notebook in my purse for awhile. it worked okay. i liked to refer to it as my "brain." but i am mainly commenting because when i saw the title of your post it reminded me how much i miss that reality show that anderson cooper used to host. great stuff right there.

  2. I had a moleskin sketchbook. I loved it until I lost it and I've since forgot about it.

  3. Totally worth it. And they come in a 3 pack at most locations.

    But if you've been good, I'm guessing I can talk to the guy up at the North Pole to drop one in your stocking.

  4. i carry my pocket-size moleskine with me everywhere... but it only helps me when I am disciplined enough to check it in the mornings and appropriately file the info somewhere....

    wow. i sound like a real nerd.

  5. I have a moleskin and love it. I have to carry a man purse though to keep my pens in and a few books. A nice over the shoulder computer bag works great for that.
    Hey, I used to read a guy's blog called justin something or other. A friend of mine Tito, put me onto him. I think I found your blog through his. Do you happen to know who I'm talking about? He lives in Cincy and worked in film. If not, no biggie.

  6. lorabarnes9:33 AM

    i think i remember you talking about this like 9 years ago. seriously. get one.