Friday, November 16, 2007

crossing the line

I've decided to scab it up today. I'm crossing the picket lines. I'm going to the other side. I'm fighting the union.
I'm writing my blog.

Writer's strike or no writer's strike, I owe it to the good people on the interweb...

If I don't come over to the good side, why would the writers of The Office ever cross over? If not me, then who?

I do kind of wonder if they're marching in front of the studios holding blank picket keep their no writing without compensation thing going...

just a thought


  1. Misogyny, I tell you, MISOGYNY!!!

  2. Brian3:52 PM

    Word is that the Office is getting cancelled...I guess the "executives" are sick of dealing with the folks from the office and are using this as an excuse to cancel the show.