Monday, November 08, 2010

Urban Active

Close your eyes and picture this:'ll need to call over your personal reader..and then close your eyes and picture this:

I went outside to warm up the 'ol Honda.  It was Alaska cold and I had a frozen car to get started.  So I'm sitting in a ridiculously cold car and I'm sitting in sweat pants a t-shirt and a sweatshirt.  It's 5:40 A.M.  I'm cold.  I'm not looking forward to lifting the weights (they're very heavy) but I'm making the effort to head to the gymnasium.

I signed up about 10 months ago with four friends (two of them were double billed and had to ask Urban Active to not turn their one time two year pre-pay into a monthly bill.  Oops.

So I go  in and am told to leave...

not in a "I'm sorry, but you're not out in our system anymore" kind of a way.  It was more of a "you have to leave, you cancelled your membership" kind of way.

Nuh uh. 
Never happened.  I couldn't.  I paid two years in advance.

They cancelled it for me.  I asked the front desk person if they could pull up my account.
"I'm not going to do that"
I told her that I put some effort into getting up, getting dressed and coming in...and could you please just pull it up because they've done this before and..."
"No, I'm not going to do that.  Your membership is a privilege, this is my job sir"

She said that.  She told me that my membership...that I PAID for...was a privilege.
I finally mentioned that I was really just trying to resolve this and she was being rude.

She answered (and I promise I'm not making this up) "I'm not rude, I'm a mother of six"


She then refused to talk with me and told me to come back in later when the manager was in...
but I have to work
she didn't care.

I came back and they were very apologetic and told me  they'd resolve it and call me that night or the next morning.

They didn't.
Nor did they the next day...or the next or the next or the next...

So I went in today and they told me they needed me to write a letter to their manager because they've had issues with this employee.
They didn't offer me free personal training sessions, they didn't offer me a discount on my membership, they didn't offer to do anything...not even to add time on to my two years to make up for my lost time and cancelled membership.

They literally just asked me to help them fill out paperwork so they'd have something for their H.R. department.

I'm not really a fan...that's all I'm saying...


  1. Cristopher Day2:37 PM

    I'm thinking that instead of calling her rude, she thought you called her a prude. Her "mother of six" explanation makes a lot more sense in that scenario.

  2. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Urban Active in Western Hills? That place is a hot mess. We've had billing issues for over two years now with that place--the latest of which is they are under charging us. We tried calling them to let them know something on their side is not charging us correctly. They said they would look into and call us back. No callback was ever received but 4 months later they tried to lock my wife's account saying she hadn't been paying. We told them we had notified them something wasn't right and they said they would fix it. It makes you wonder who the heck is running that place. No one seems to ever know anything.

    At least part of the problem stems from the fact that the employee turn-over rate is astronomically high. But even the management refuses to return phone calls and trying to resolve issues in person rarely makes much of a difference. Your whole experience is no surprise to me.

  3. This never happens at equinox