Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Unfriend Day?

Let me state for the record (who is keeping the record these days?  Is it you Tom Brokaw?  Because I voted for you, but never actually found out who now does this...)

I'm against unfriending Chris Day.
I'm not entirely sure why this is getting national press.
I'm fairly certain that he keeps his "pokes" and farmville requests to a minimum.
He keeps a fairly tidy homepage.

Why not unfriend someone like Chuck Rangel? 
It seems like a far better choice.

How would you like it if someone started a national movement to unfriend you?
Think about that America...


  1. Christopher Day9:23 AM

    Um, since I do not have a Facebook, Myspace, or even blogspot anymore, unfriending me would have to actually be done in person. That's just cruel. And wrong. Thank you for being against it. I just upfriended you in my book!

  2. why would you unfriend me in your book? that just seems mean...

  3. Christopher Day11:20 AM

    Hello?? I'm UPfriending you, silly.

  4. UPfriending...see what I did there? I showed the world that I can't read and that my robot machine does all my typing...
    and that robot loves these...