Monday, May 10, 2010


I know that some people love to go shopping at the malls.  It's their "therapy". 

Others like to buy away the pain by picking up a new purse or flat screen.

Some people just love to save money with coupons....and who could blame them?

We recently paid $2,300 to get a pipe fixed in our front lawn. 

A month later we paid $575 to get my car fixed. 

That's roughly what we make a year...

It'd be kind of fun to come home to the new $2,875 hot tub or pool table we bought.  It'd be great to be able to send that money to Bernard Tagbo in'd be great to have something fun or significant that we could point to.

It's just hard to point to a muffler, oil change or underground pipe and get very excited.

And did I mention our dryer just broke?

Before you feel too sorry for us - I should mention that we have the greatest family, best friends and our health...and that's pretty great.

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  1. did you have lupus? I feel like you left us hanging.