Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Livin on a Prayer

We're halfway there

Our family has decided to simplify our lives through the reduction of our collective stuff.
I have no idea how much stuff we have, but I do know that it's about to drop by a thousand.

The sad thing is that when I brought this idea up - it seemed like no big deal.  That's a sure sign that we have way too much stuff.

On some level it's difficult to feel like I'm an outsider living by a different rules - walking against the grain of the world and living for the Kingdom...while watching my new flatscreen television and ignoring my neighbors. (still suffering from buyer's remorse from that cursed television)

I'm not sure reducing the amount our stuff actually moves me forward in that direction, but it can't hurt.
Very simply, we have more than our share of stuff.

So we're putting things into boxes.
We have the Keep box
We have a Give Away box
We have a Sell box
& we have a Throw Away box

We've given a bunch of clothese, books & toys to our neighbors, friends and the Healing Center.

We sold 175 books & magazines to Half Priced Books and we still have boxes to go through in our basement.   Side note - those books & magazines went for $37....so that's probably not going to pay the mortgage this month.

We've thrown away a silly amount of stuff.  I had no idea that we had so many half filled notebooks, video tapes and broken electronics.

We're halfway there.  We just hit 500 items and will continue to move forward. 

I hope to one day only own two sets of clothing and Dennis Miller's Off White Album.

one day at a time


  1. Dave Ramsey inspired us as well. Our dining room table is now covered with things to sell, and our trash cans are nearly full again even though the trash was collected Monday morning. And this is all just from our kitchen, dining room, and front closet! We are afraid at this point to dare venture into the basement.
    We are planning a garage sale at some point, but some items we'll put on Craig's List or sell through Amazon Marketplace (like the books & DVD's).

    Gazelle life is challenging!

  2. i love to purge. i need to do some of that this weekend. you've inspired me.