Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Votin' day

I'm off to elect the next president of these United States.  Annie already went - she's about an hour more patriotic than me.  Joe is four days more patriotic than me because of his voting early, and all the people voting 30 or 40 times today are 30 or 40 times more patriotic than me. 

I'll be glad to see the signs and stickers go away.  I finally decided that those are really for the people putting them up anyway.  I'm just not sure that anyone has ever been convinced that they should vote for a candidate because someone put a sign in their yard, or on their bumper.  It's not something you do to get people on your side, it's more a way of telling the world, "I'm voting for this person and this is my way of telling you...and I'm proud that I am...and if you aren't...well...you're a stupid head!" - or something like that.

Anyhow - today is the end of all that...or at least I thought.

We have a 24 hour Obama channel.  It's literally on 24 hours a day (I'm not talking about the networks) and has been running for weeks...or longer on the Dish network (channel 73) and is still on the schedule to play tomorrow.  They're going to continue the biggest and most expensive campaign in the history of the world - past the election!?!?!  You can tune in tomorrow and watch a 24 hour campaign commercial...huh?

The only thing I can think of is that he's running for President of the world and there's a secret election happening some time in the next month? 

You heard it here first.

I'm off the cancel out Lohan's vote.


  1. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Thank you all of you in Ohio that helped elect this amazing man. You're a blue state. Good for you! The rest of the world is already deciding that we're not as insane as they thought after all.

  2. right now the world is thinking, "wow that Ohio...they sure are insane...they vote republican...they're not nearly as smart as those smart people in California...oh wait, they voted for the new guy that is way to the left of America...they must not be insane at all"

    and now the world is happy with Ohio

  3. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Correction- Obama is in sync with America (Wow, He got the Popular Vote And the Electoral Vote!) and way to the left of you.

    You need to add many other states to California.

    Other than that, you're absolutely right!

  4. correction - his record (not his teleprompter) is that he was the most liberal Senator in 2007. It's not a record of being down the center at all. You know this, right?
    I think America is still much more moderate than his record - I also think people largely ignored his record/past/associations and voted based on his speeches.

  5. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Don't forget that every politician has a past; McCain included.

    Why would people ignore his record/past/associations and listen to his (gasp) speeches? (How else are people supposed to know what you stand for? Osmosis? Oh, that's right. The Republicans like to throw mud but never tell people what their own ideas are).

    People are sick of the Republican agenda. 'Sick of people who say they're going to halt spending and then waste trillions of dollars. And don't bother to say it was a Democratic Congress because Democrats have only had any real power for two years. Republicans got us into this mess. 'So they were voted out of office.

  6. the housing mess? that was the republicans? they were the ones asking the banks to start giving loans to unqualified buyers? I think that might have been our next president - but ask the average voter out there and they'll tell you how good those speeches are.

    I'm not talking about throwing mud (and the democrats don't do that?) I'm talking about their actual voting records (my original point)